Sunday, 5 May 2013

The POD, 1-Cup Coffee Pods - World Blend (Decaf) 36 Pods

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Item Information

Green Tree Coffee's The POD single serve coffee pods deliver fresh brewed taste in the convenience of a single cup. The POD World Blend (Decaf) is a delicious blend of dark roasted Costa Rica Tarrazu, Sumatra Mandheling, and Brazil Cerrado coffees. The single serve system reduces cleaning and breakage while delivering a superb cup of coffee. 18 units per dispenser box / 2 boxes / 36 Pods total. For use only with Soft Pod Coffee machines.

Factor Benefits

  • Decaf Single Serve Coffee Pods
  • Fresh Brewed Taste in the Convenience of a Single Cup
  • 100% Arabica Coffee
  • Pre-measured coffee / works with all soft-pod coffee makers
  • 36 Total Pods - 18 Pods/Box (2 Dispenser Boxes)

User Reviews

K. Findley

This is my second purchase of The Pod World Blend Decaf. The flavor is good, and the pod is not only biodegradable, but I put them in my worm composter and the end up nourishing my plants.

Best Decaf Coffee Pods
Geoffrey Booty

If I had been given this coffee in a cup I wouldn't have guessed it was decaf. It is strong & good! I have the regular version too and they taste about the same.

less expensive than senseo pods, but just as tasty
Kristy M. Handy-Kraus

The seller is quick and the items arrived within 3 days. The taste of the coffee is similar to the Senseo branded pods. My only "complaint" has nothing to do with the coffee itself. The pods all come individually wrapped, to keep it fresh. I would like to get a slightly lower price (and be more environmentally sound!) by being able to buy the pods in larger quantities per package. Otherwise, highly recommended!

Rating: 4.9 7 reviews

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